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Kids Halloween Costume - Sustainable Way

Kids Halloween Costume - Sustainable Way

My 3 year old daughter is now fully aware of Halloween and I know she wants to dress up this year. However, I hate the idea of purchasing a costume for it to be only worn once or even worse, for it to be worn all the time. 

So in the spirit of sustainable fashion, i decided to make her a costume that she can dress up or dress down with accessories and face make up. This way, i know she will wear this as long as it fits her. 


I used Helsinki dress pattern by Ikatee Couture as the basis for the costume. The pattern is great as it is very simple, sizes from 3 all the way to 12 and its the type of dress I know my daughter will wear. 

Helsinki Ikatee sketch

The patterns instructions suggest buttons at the back, however if you are doing a dress in a stretchy jersey, you can completely skip this step and cut the back panel as one piece on fold. 

I omitted pockets for this dress, but you can add the pocket on the front bodice instead and it is a great way to add either embroidery or iron on patch. 


The front, back and sleeves i used one of our best selling fabrics - Leopard jersey by Stof Fabrics. I cut size 4 and i only needed 0.5 meter, leaving me with some lovely offcuts which i can use to make either bows or scrunchies. 

Leopard Jersey by Stof

The skirt is made from plain black jersey from Stoff and again, I only needed 0.5 meter. I love the feel of the dress with jersey skirt, but after a week of wearing the dress I noticed that the skirt is dropping, so next time I would reinforce the seam when attaching bodice to the skirt. 

The sparkly sequin fabric I got from Fabricland and I used the skirt pattern to cut the length. I would suggest to make the sequin skirt longer then the main fabric skirt. The sequin fabric is starting to curl up a little bit, so I need to find a way to keep it flat, possibly by adding a trim at the bottom. 

Emily wearing leopard jersey dress back view

All in all, the dress takes couple of hours to make and I know it will be worn many many many times which is the whole point of slow fashion. 

You can use this pattern + sequin skirt idea to make other Halloween costumes that can be easily worn every day. 

Emily wearing Leopard jersey dress

Next year i want to make this dress with detachable white collar and add some buttons on the front to create Wednesday Adams costume. All you will need is to braid your daughters hair and add some spooky tights. 

I would love to know what costumes will you be making this year for your little ones?


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