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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink by Jen Legg

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink by Jen Legg

It’s always great to support online fabric stores. Especially ones you know are doing their research and supplying sustainable fabrics that are good for our planet and the people making them.

It’s also great that Polina, who has a wealth of knowledge from the fashion industry made this leap of faith during the first lockdown when she was made redundant.  

I became aware of The Good Fabric Store when we both tested the #hhlennox @homerandhowells we got chatting I was at a loose end with my salon being closed so I asked if I could do a blog for her. 

crinkle cotton in powder

  I choose Crinkle Cotton in Powder as I’m obsessed with pink and I thought the structure would be a challenge to make up. I received 2 metres it is narrow due to the elastic but I ironed it rightly or wrongly to stretch it a little before I cut into it. 

crinkle cotton in powder

I took me ages to decide on a pattern, eventually I choose the simple shape or the #adrienneblouse @fridaypatterncompany it’s great beginners knit pattern for any beginners to use on their sewing machine using zigzag or lightning stitch or if you have an overlocker too. 

Adrienne blouse

To try and get the even finish of the elastic stripes cut into a straight line prior cutting pattern pieces. The best thing about this pattern is the pattern pieces are mainly square.  

I also choose to hem fold under and sew on the top of the fabric to make the channels for the elastic on the sleeves, to give an even stitch line on the exterior.  

I always use these plastic clips when using the overlocker nowadays after having a very expensive accident sewing over a pin. So be warned. 

Clips on the fabric

When joining the sleeves I start at the underarm join and overlock up to the front then the back so you can get the front matching. 

Adrienne Blouse by Friday Pattern company

To create a neat finish continue sewing with the overlocker so you will end up with 4 tails of overlocker thread. 2 at the front 2 at the back. Thread using a darning needle sew it back along the seam line to secure the join and give a really neat finish. Continue to do this until the front neckline is completed.  


With the remnants I am going to match to a woven fabric to use for a back panel in a top or dress  can you imagine the time saved not having to spend all that time shirring! 

Jen in adirenne blouse  jen in crinkle cotton blouse
I can highly recommend it is the most softest fabric and it’s super comfortable  and warm to wear. Whilst also knowing it has Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organically grown fibers. GOTS approved products must contain at least 70% organic fiber content and never contain potentially harmful chemicals. More importantly, GOTS means safe working conditions, no discrimination and no child labour. GOTS approved products have the entire supply chain verified, from harvesting through production, processing, manufacturing and labeling. 
Another great thing is the fact it doesn’t need ironing too! 

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