About us

Hello, I’m Polina, founder of Good Fabric and a sustainable slow fashion expert. 

My business story starts in 2020 - the year the world got a little crazy - and the year I was made redundant following a decade-plus long career with big fashion names like Burberry, Ted Baker, Missoma, and Anya Hindmarch.

Like a lot of crafters, I wanted to come out of lockdown with a new skill. I’d worked for years in product development and production, so it was about time I actually learned how to sew for myself. 

A handful of online craft classes later and I was utterly hooked. It turned out I’d gained two new hobbies; sewing, and building an epic fabric stash for projects that I’ll definitely finish one day

And then I got frustrated. The sustainable fabric options I was finding online were so limited in colours, patterns and composition. I wanted an eco-wardrobe, not a beige parade.

You can probably tell where this is going. My fashion supply chain experience, passion for crafting, and desire to work for myself all came crashing together. 

I had to create Good Fabric.

At Good Fabric, every section is an eco section. You don’t have to make the choice between a beautiful, colourful, or a sustainable fabric - you can have a guilt free shopping experience, without compromising on quality, choice or price.

Every fabric I stock has at least one eco-credential, and I am working towards my sustainability goals to improve this further, for everyone. 

I want to help you enjoy sewing at home and creating your own garments, so you know for sure that there is no one being forced to make it. Sewing your own with Good Fabric materials and haberdashery supplies gives you reassurance that there is no harm happening to anyone in the supply chain. 

It's all about making small sustainability steps - they all count towards the bigger environmental picture. 

Head to the shop to find the perfect Good Fabric for your next thoughtful make, and be sure to tag us on Instagram when it’s finished - we love seeing your creations.

You can also contact me with any queries you may have at hello@goodfabric.co.uk