Merchant and Mills

Merchant and Mills - The Thelma Jumpsuit


  • Description
  • Requirements
  • The Thelma - A traditional workwear boilersuit with a gentler feminine fit. Thelma is a wardrobe masterpiece, loose enough to fit all shapes and can be interpreted in many different types of cloths, so make it your own.

    Thelma will take time to put together, but make it well and wear it absolutely everywhere. 

    Fabric recommendations: medium weight wovens such as sanded twill, 5 – 8oz denims, yard dyed linens with some stability, and cotton poplin. If you are an experienced sewer you could try tencel, tencel/linen, corduroy, more floppy linens, prints and checks.

    Sewing level: experienced

  • Notions:
    18 x 14-18mm Buttons
    2 x Matching thread
    70cm Interfacing

    Fabric requirements:

                                          Size 6 & 8                Size 10 – 14                 Size 6 & 18
    1M wide                        4.25M                      4.8M                             4.95M
    120cm wide                   3.5M                        4.25M                           4.4M
    140cm wide                   3.15M                      3.35M                           3.65M
    150cm wide                   2.8M                        3.3M                             3.35M
                                                                                                                                    Lining Requirements

                                           Size 6 & 8               Size 10 – 14                Size 6 & 18
    110/120cm                    0.4M                        0.45M                         0.5M
    140/150cm                    0.4M                        0.4M                           0.4M